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Oh my gosh! It’s already time for a second sketchbook! It’s called 30 Days of Dragons - Metallic Dragons and it’s for sale right over here on Gumroad for only $3! This is kind of a part 2 to follow my first dragon sketchbook.

It’s the same size as the first one, but still packed full of sketches. These were all done in the month of June 2014 as part of my 30 Sketches a Month project. The first month was my take on the classic D&D/Pathfinder chromatic dragons. This month I redesigned the metallic dragons. I had a LOT of fun working on these beasties! As before, there’s commentary from me on some of the designs as well.

If you’re a fan of dragons, you’ll probably enjoy this collection of mine. If you liked the first sketchbook, you’ll probably like this one too. If you did pick up a copy of the first sketchbook, that’s okay. It’ll be available on Gumroad for quite a while!

For those of you who prefer to use Paypal! I know Gumroad doesn’t take Paypal and that’s too bad. I personally prefer to pay for things that way. I don’t want to leave anyone out, so I figured out a way to let you guys get in on this dragony goodness. If you’re interested in paying for my sketchbook via Papal please email me at rahsyk.art@gmail.com and let me know you want this option. Please include the paypal address you will be paying from. I’ll email you back and let you know my paypal address (it’s not the same as the above email). Once I see the payment in my paypal I will email you the dropbox link so that you may download the sketchbook at your leisure! That should work out fine.

’ll probably reblog this a few times, so sorry if you get tired of seeing it. Thank you to any of you willing to take a chance on my art! Any money I make from this will go to getting me to Dragon*Con this year and also feeding my pet snakes. I’ll have another sketchbook to sell at the end of July, but it’ll take a bit longer to get that one finished. Until then, I hope you guys enjoy these two dragon sketchbooks :D Thanks, guys!

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